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"A Pathway Through Survival" by Margaret Daramola is an emotional tapestry woven with the raw threads of despair, resilience, and eventual healing. Within its pages, readers embark on an evocative journey through sorrow, witnessing the ashes of despair while also tasting the triumph of healing. This collection serves as a prophetic beacon for those entrenched in despair, offering a roadmap to navigate the labyrinthine depths of emotional turmoil. Through eloquent prose, Daramola paints vivid portraits of hopelessness, yet amidst these, she threads the resilient spirit of survival. Each poem stands as a testament to the human capacity to endure and transcend, guiding readers towards a pathway illuminated by resilience and the transformative power of healing, making it more than a collection of poetry—it's a poignant hymn celebrating the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.


The emotions captured in this collection are timeless as you come to these realizations, lose them, and learn them over and over again. The growth depicted in this book requires effort. It requires thoughtfulness, reflection, prayer, endurance and that’s what makes this collection so beautiful - the rawness of it all.

Cassie Herring, Mellon Fellow

This reminds me of how Handel wrote Operas before writing The Messiah, his most beautiful work. Your collection is a beautiful song of praise to God, making use of your true talent as a poet. That is a beautiful blessing in and of itself.

Ran Walker, Award-Winning Author

My understanding of the collection as a whole is that life is a process, a journey, and sometimes a cycle and there is both beauty and pain found along the way. This collection makes it clear that whether you embrace the beauty or drown in the pain is completely up to you. The collection emphasizes healing and growing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Gabrielle Calloway

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